Become marketing partner of the Jewelry Fair – Het Juweel

Do you want to generate awareness, reach new relationships and increase your customer loyalty? Become a Marketing Partner of the Jewelry Fair – Het Juweel and use this event strategically as a means to achieve your goals.

Why partner?


Communicate before, during and after the event with our thousands of visitors, a wealthy and culturally aware target group;
Increase your brand awareness by using the value of an extensive online & offline media campaign that includes local and national expressions;
Increase brand awareness by linking your company to the most beautiful visual brands;
Retaining and strengthening customer loyalty, through moments of contact with your own clientele;
Create impact, after all, live encounters are the way to get emotional involvement with your brand.

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Possible interpretation of partnership


We are happy to develop customized partnerships together, such as:

Attribution on all promotional expressions (printed matter, advertisements, road signs);
Mention with link on website of our fairs;
Part of catchy invitation media campaigns (digital, print, Social Media, etc.);
Invite your relations, making the event a unique ambiance for your personal relationship moment;
Extend a relationship event with a tour, workshop or your own hospitality space;
Good visibility at the fair with, among other things, your own stand, placing banners, etc.

A tailor-made partnership

We like to think with you about how we can best align your objectives with the Jewelry Fair – Het Juweel. Even if you are interested in one of our other fairs or want to enter into a long-term strategic partnership as a partner about our fairs, we are happy to discuss.

For more information, please contact Annet van Wifferen:

T: 035 623 96 95 or E:

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